Mobalet is a single platform for Buying, Selling, Reselling and Distributing services. You can use one or many or all modules with absolutely NO restriction.

A single platform for all buying and paying activities.

End User module is a platform for general user. As a general user, you can buy any services registered with Mobalet. No more waiting in the queue to settle bills. No more keeping track of the paid and unpaid bills. No more waiting to go to convenient stores to get a recharge card. You can easily transfer funds anywhere, anytime to any part of the world. All transactions are highly secured so you need not worry or think twice before using our payment portals. Multiple currency transactions are accepted which helps you make payments to one country from any other part of the world.

As a general user, one can buy any services registered with Mobalet with a very good discounted price. We intent to provide a possible discount in all merchant’s services.

Are you a small business or retailer or doing freelance business activities?

Mobalet is a perfect platform for you to earn money. Simply register as Reseller and sell the products or services of the merchants that are enlisted in Mobalet and start earning. There are several commission packages set by each merchants. You will be entitled to get commission soon after you begin selling. So with a very small investment, get access to several merchant products and services and earn money.

Become Super Reseller, use your network and earn instantly every time your customer buys...

Super Reseller can be regarded who holds multi Users, Resellers and different tiers of Super Resellers. Being a Super Reseller you can create numerous such user types and as this user make any transaction, you will have your e-wallet filled up. As you start making good performance, you will be promoted to higher level of tiers, the higher your tier, the more level of sub Super Reseller you can create and get hold of lots of users. The more such users you have, you will have more transactions by them and make earning in each transaction they make. Besides we have Exclusive Super Reseller System in which you will be given exclusive user right for a particular region and any user or reseller registered in that region will automatically be under you and you will be entitled to get commission as they make transaction.

If one wants to make platform with their own Brand, there is Co-Branding system with which one can have his own domain and brand for marketing. Users or Resellers will know the brand belongs to such Super Reseller and can set his own discount or commission, Deal and Offers and Reward points. Also we provide API to developer and with this help any once can integrate with their application as they want.

Do you have a product or services.. And looking for a way to promote it?  

A merchant of Mobalet can sell services to Mobalet customers online using the portal. merchant may have limited banks and limited payment collection outlet but with the help of Mobalet customer of any merchant can pay from any country, any currency, any banks. Using Payment gateway of Mobalet, customer from any part of world pays to any merchant associated with Mobalet.

There is a very simple method to be merchant, User can add account as a merchant, complete settings, add products and services, define location or country where to sell and then design his own page how it is to be viewable to his end users and soon after verification merchant’s own page can be viewable by End users. merchant can choose several methods of choosing platform including sub domain with Mobalet or to integrate the page with your own domain using our API.

merchant not only get platform to sell products but also will have platform to marketing services. merchant can grow his network through social sites, Gmail, Hotmail, Contacts with the tools provided by Mobalet.